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Above photo is of a tornado at Columbus, Ohio on May 10, 1973.
Remains of the W. H. Bell Residence on Grand Avenue, New Castle, Indiana
after the March 11, 1917 tornado.
As the pale caption fo this picture tells us, this is City Hospital in St.Louis, Missouri
after the Great St.Louis Tornado of May 27, 1896.
This tornado was one of the deadliest and most costly single tornadoes
in U.S. history killing 225, injuring 1000 and causing $12,900,000 damage. 
Photographer: Strauss
Picture from Historic NWS Collection
"Storm of the Century" Visible Satellite Image March 14, 1993 1200Z

Most Costly U.S. Lightning Strike


     On July 10, 1926 lightning hit an ammunition magazine at Picatinny Army Arsenal, Lake Denmark in Morris County, New Jersey.  A series of explosions were set off sending a huge ball of fire into the sky.  Every building located within 2,700 feet of the explosion was totally destroyed with debris falling as far as 22 miles away.  A total of 16 people were killed, and damage amounted to $70,000,000.